What is the Reqirment for new applicant?

Money Lenders Licence (0938/2017)
Borrower and Reference
1, Max 3K loan for first time loan
2, ID Card, PP, Contract(min six month contract until expired and visa)
3, House land line
3.1, if you are now the 2nd contract of the same employer and reference has land line, then we can apply application for further qualification process
4, whatsapp number
5, Home Town phone and contact person(borrower only)
6, Proof of Address
7, 5 often contact friend and contact number(borrower only, only for record, no call will be made)
8 , reference and borrower need to come and sign contract in person

Borrower need come to submit all document (include reference document) and fill in application form,
, and it will take 1 week to process
Reference only need to come after application is confirmed

Example if you loan 3K
Mth , Capital , interest , C+I
1st mth, 1,000.00 ,123.75 ,1,123.75
2nd mth, 1,000.00 ,123.75 ,1,123.75
3rd mth, 1,000.00 ,123.75 , 1,123.75

<<Warning: You have to repay your loans. Don’t pay any intermediaries.>>